Food Machines

Food Machines

With or without supplies.  Priced by the day even if renting by the hour. Pick up yourself the day before OR day of your event!


42 cup Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn
Cup activating dispensing
Makes 12-42 cups (1 min. brew time per cup)
Ready to serve light
Water-level marks easy filling
Twist-lock and large handles
Removable cord
16.69″ H x 11.54″ W x 10.55″ Dia.
42 coffee urn
30 cup West Bend Coffee Urn
30 cup coffee urn 2
Brews 30 cups
Automatic temperature control
Twist-lock safety cover
2 way dripless faucet; heat-resistant handles/base
14.75″ H x 10″ W x 10″ Dia.
Cotton Candy Machine

*Supplies come in increments of 25 servings*

Small machine rental (25 servings): $55
Large machine rental (50+ servings): $100

FRESH pre made bags:

(Loot bags, 1 serving) $2/bag

(Filled large 3 servings per bag) $8/bag

Serving Supplies (machine extra):
25 servings (1 flavour sugar) – $10
50 servings (up to 2 flavours) – $20
100 servings (up to 2 flavours) – $40
200 servings (up to 2 flavours) – $70

400 servings (up to 2 flavours)-$140

Supplies:  bags OR paper cones, floss sugar, and measuring tool.

Additional floss sugar -50 serving portion (makes more without humidity) =$12
Additional large 12″ x 18″ clear plastic bags OR paper cones = $0.10 each

Metropolitan 6 Popcorn Machine

The Metro 6 is a professional Popcorn Machine.  It is a 6 oz popper but easily pops up to 8 oz at a time!  With the smell of popcorn and a light inside, you can enjoy this treat anytime and anywhere!  120 Volts are required and is easy to use.  Comes with instructions and a scoop. NO vegetable oil!

Popcorn Machine Rental: $55.00

Popcorn Kits

Popcorn kits are the most simple way to create your theater style popcorn!  We offer 8 oz kits that contain premeasured kernels, season and oil.  These kits pop approx. 28 cups of popped corn!  We offer medium size bags (1 oz) which hold 3 1/2 cups of popped corn.  American guideline serving size:  3 cups of popped corn


Popcorn Supplies (machine extra):

Tax included

Theater style kits: $2.75/each

Medium Size popcorn bags: $0.10/each

*(save $6)- Case of 24 popcorn kits (over 200 servings) $60

Serving Prices:

(Include machine, supplies and tax)

25 servings: $65.00

50 servings: $75.00

100 servings: $100.00

200 servings: $145.00

Sno Cone Machine

120 volt professional Sno Cone machine.  500 lbs of chunked/cubed ice per hour! Comes with scoop.  Flavour and cups extra.  1 gallon flavour jug = 100-120 servings.  2 flavours available (cherry and blue raspberry)

*Ice is not included.  Chunks or cubed ice required.  10 lbs of ice per 50 servings.

Sno Cone Prices:

(Tax included)

Sno Cone Machine Rental: $55.00

1 gallon Flavour Jug: $15.00/each

25 Serving Flavour: $4.00/each

Serving Prices:

(Include machine, supplies and tax)

25 servings: $65.00

50 servings: $75.00

100 servings: $85.00

200 servings: $120.00