Details: Lead free, Cleaned after EVERY rental, Fully insured
*Public use: Inflatable games and Toddler Playland are “TSSA approved” for public events! However, ANY public use/location bouncy castles legally require TSSA certifications/set up which we no longer provide.
*Home use only:  Pick up the day before OR day of in SUV/Van with all back seats down or clean empty truck bed.  No delivery available. $50 non refundable deposit fee to book.
VERY easy to set up and comes with everything you need but hydro and the kids! We go over all set up/safety instructions upon arrival. Inflates in 3-4 minutes and even the kids can help! Sandbags provided for smooth flat surface but grass area is preferred with proper stakes provided.
*No cancellation fee for inclement weather (40%+ chance of rain, storms or 25+km winds). Weather is only cancled the day of or day before your event. *Cold/heat is NOT a cancelation.  If cancelled due to weather, you can reschedule with your prepaid deposit or cancel and be reimbursed the remainder of any additional prepayment minus the $50 deposit.
No reimbursement once inflatables leave our location if unforeseen poor weather occurs during your event. We can not allow inflatables for outdoor use in poor weather due to safety concerns and units MUST remain completely dry upon return to prevent mold or mildew. Must be stored after use in a dry location and NEVER left outside overnight.
Medium Module (banner optional)

up to 10 children ages 3+ (1000 lbs)

You pick up and return:  $150/day

Banner Options $10: Frozen, Princess, Cars, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Hot Wheels

An open bounce space with a basketball net inside to burn their energy at any home event.  Birthday fun, reunions, carnival theme or just because!
13′ L x 13′ W x 13’H

Mini Ball Pond

Up to 6 children  Age: 1 – 4 yrs

You pick up and return: $125

Indoor/outdoor fun for littlest ones to enjoy in the home, garage, basement or yard. This open top bouncer and ball pit will bring many happy hours of fun!  Comes with balls.

12’4 L x 8’2 W x 7′ H

Toddler Playland (TSSA approved)

Up to 10 at a time, ages 1-4 yrs old (max. 40 lbs per child)

You pick up and return: $200/day

This Toddler Playland is a safe, interactive space for little ones to run, climb, slide, bounce on inflated animals and play in the ball pit!  Unique flat floor legally allows set up yourself at ANY public or private event. (*Delivery for public event optional upon availabilty.) Foam under pad provided on hard surfaces. Weather permitted outdoors.

19’2 W x 16′ L x 6’6 H

Weight when rolled up: 181 lbs

Human Size Whack-A-Mole (TSSA approved)

Up to 7 at a time, ages 12+

You pick up and return: $225/day

Players race beneath the surface and pop up to claim their coloured balls found around the Mole. It’s a race against the Mole and each other to place their own balls into their specific basket beneath the surface to win! Don’t let the Mole hit you or you’re out! Inflatable (Soft) Mallet, foam helmets, and blower are provided.

15′ W x 15′ L

Large Module (banner optional)

Up to 10 children at a time, ages 3+ yrs.

You pick up and return: $200/day

Banner options $10: Frozen, Princess, Cars, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Hot Wheels

This Large Module has a bouncy area, basketball net and a few fun obstacles inside to enjoy.  Great for home parties, different age groups or some extra interactive fun!

17’L x 13’W x 13′ H

Ratatouille Bouncer (medium)

up to 10 children    ages 3+ (1000 lbs)

You pick up and return: $150/day

An open bounce area for kids of all ages to burn their energy at any event. Birthday parties, reunions, back yard get togethers! Enjoy jumping with Remy in this licensed, insured commercial Ratatouille Bounce House for hours of fun!

12’4 L x 13’4 W x 12’8 H

It's A Girl Thing! (medium)

up to 10 children ages 3+ (1000 lbs)

You pick up and return: $150/day

This chic open jump space is perfect to bounce the energy away! Great for indoor/outdoor birthday parties, backyard celebrations, reunions etc.

12’4 L x 13’4 W x 12’8 H

Funny Farm Jump (large)

Home: up to 10 children ages 3-+ (up to 1200 lbs)

You pick up and return: $200/day

This large bounce area is great for providing hours of bouncing fun in any rural or city setting with these fun loving farm animals!

14’4 L x15′ 4 W x 13′ H

Monster Wheels Bouncer (large)

up to 10 children, ideal age 3-8 yrs (1200 lbs)

You pick up and return: $150/day

This Monster Wheels bouncer has a large bouncing space ideal for age 3-8. With it’s bright colours and Monster Truck appearance, everyone will be sure to love this awesome inflatable for hours!

16’4 L x 15′ 7 W x 11’2′ H

SeaWorld Bouncer (large)

up to 10 kids at a time (1200 lbs)

You pick up and return: $200/day

This HUGE open bounce area for ages 3+ and up to 10 kids at a time, has a fun underwater theme to bounce their energy away!  This bouncy castle is great for home use and set up is quick and easy.  This will be a fave for any “Under the Sea” or “Nemo” parties as well!

15′ L x 15′ W x 13′ H

40' Obstacle Course

2 people at a time, ages 3-adult (1200 lbs)

You pick up and return: $400/day

This 40′ Obstacle Course with a slide is great for ALL ages! Bright coloured course offers 2 tunnel entry, obstacle course race, 2 person wall climb and race down this awesome slide to see who wins!

12m L x 3m W x 4m H

Large Inflatable Slide

up to 2 at a time   ages 3+

You pick up and return: $250

This huge multicoloured 10′ High Inflatable slide is great for home parties to entertain those who love to climb and slide!

18′ L x 15′ W x 10′ H

Sport Combo 4

up to 10 at a time   ages 3+ (1200 lbs)

You pick up and return: $300

Sports Combo 4 will be a huge hit for those that need to burn some energy!  Very large bounce area, basketball net, wall climb and down the slide!  Excellent for large groups.

18’4 L x 15’10 W x 14’6 H

Module Combo 5

up to 10 children ages 3+ (1200 lbs)

You pick up and return: $300/day

Banner options $10: Frozen, Princess, Cars, Spider-Man, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Hot Wheels

 Large bounce area, basketball net, obstacle course, wall climb, and down a really cool slide all inside the unit to keep out of the hot sun! Excellent for large groups.

18’4 L x 15’6 W x 14’6 H

Castle Combo (banner optional)

up to 10 at a time   ages 3+ (1200 lbs)

Pick up and return: $325

Banner options $10:  Princess, Hot Wheels, Frozen, Cars, Star Wars, Angry Birds, Spider-Man

Castle Combo is perfect for any prince or princess who wants to bounce, go through a tunnel, wall climb, slide and enjoy some basketball net fun!  Banner optional.

18’L x 15’W x 14’H

Mini All Stars Activity Inflatable (TSSA approved)

(2 player) 2- Adult

You pick up and return: $125/day

Mini All Stars Basketball Activity is great for all ages at any event! Indoor/Outdoor venues will love this light weight, 2 player competition and will have line ups waiting to join in the fun! Notice the profile resembles a high top sneaker with it’s clever lace up design? Comes with 4 balls. 2 blue and 2 red.

9’7 L x 9’4 W x 7’8 H

3-1 Sports Galore Trio (TSSA approved)

Toddlers- Adults!

You pick up and return: $125/day

Ball Toss, Frisbee Toss, Sticky Darts

This inflatable sports trio is safe for children of ALL ages from toddlers to adults! A three sided sports entertainment center that features for several people at once! These activities are sure to please children or adults in your back yard, hall, school, church, fund raiser event or any party/event that you might want to entertain any size of crowd. Great for stag and does as well!

10′ L x 10′ W x 12′ H


$90/day (filled)

The Honda EM3500 gas generator can accommodate 2 inflatables at once.  Comes filled and includes tax.  Generator not needed if a regular outlet dedicated to the inflatable is available.