Game Rentals
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3-Hole Golf (putter, green and 3 balls)


This golf game is a must at any event for any age!  Children love the fun and adults love the challenge.

 Great money maker! One idea is to charge $5 for 3 balls.  Each guest must try to earn the highest score (opposite of golf but is less confusing to those who don’t golf) by putting into different size holes worth different points. (1,2 or 3 perhaps)  Tally the mark beside guest’s name on a bristol board mounted on the wall.  At the end of the night, guest with highest score wins a prize.  Those who love a challenge will fight for the title!

Velcro Golf Game

$60/day (D.I.Y.)    $75 (we set up/tear down)

Velcro golf game is fantastic for kids/adults all year round indoor/outdoor.  Great for fundraisers, church/school events, reunions, birthday parties, carnival themes, fair games etc.

Golf Challenge
Lasso Game
Lasso the Longhorn

$60/day (D.I.Y.)     $75 (we set up/tear down)

Lasso game can be played with either rings or lasso to test your skill at any event for all ages, all year round.  Fundraisers, reunions, carnival theme, fair games, schools/church events, birthday parties.

2 Person Cow Milking Game

$75/day (D.I.Y.)    $100 (we set up/tear down)

2 person cow milking game comes with timer, frame, sides (cow on each side), stools and supplies.  All you need is the water to play!  This game is “utterly” fantastic for all ages, all events including fund raisers, schools/churches, birthday parties, reunions, fair games, carnival themes all year round, indoor/outdoor!

Inflatable Sport Game

$50/day (D.I.Y.)   $65 (we set up/tear down)

Additional banner with accessories: $25

Banner options: Football, Soccer, Hockey

The inflatable Sport Game offers one or two sided velcro frame with banner(s) to make your event fun for any age, any event, any time of the year!  Does not require a blower/electricity and comes with easy self inflating pump, game frame, sport banner with kid friendly accessories.  Great for fundraisers, birthdays, school and church functions.  Indoor/Outdoor.  Fun for ALL ages!

Bra Pong Game


A great game for birthdays, fundraisers, Cancer awareness, Stag and Does,  Bridal Showers or Bachelor/Bachelorette parties!  Bounce or toss ping pong balls into the bra cups for points.  Comes with balls.

Suggested play: Gather top score for prize

3 balls/$2  or 5 balls for $3

bra pong game-400x300
30`` Crown & Anchor Wheel


This casino game is a must have in any money making event. Can also be used with graphics for promotions or advertising.

You can bet with quarters or loonies as a min.  Example: use a min. bet of $1 and a max. of $5.  When the guest places their money on a symbol (located on the matte provided),  the pay out depends where the wheel lands and how many symbols match up.  If the guest has $1 on a heart and the wheel lands on 2 hearts (3rd symbol is void), guest wins $2 and all other symbols that are not matched up goes to the house.

30`` Horse Race Wheel


An excellent pay out for money making events!
Bets range from $0.25-max of $2.  Up to 6 players bet on a horse using the matte provided.  Spinner lands on a horse and a number slot located above which will determine pay out.
ie: Guest bets $1 on #3 horse and spinner lands on his horse in the #2 slot.  Guests wins $2.00.  ALL other bets go to the house!  For extra fun, mark off a spot for “Bride and Groom” so all bets go to them.  This may not be necessary as this pays out 5-2 for the house!

2' x 4' PLINKO (comes with 5 pucks)
good plinko


Great for parties, weddings, fundraisers, or any events for all ages.  Great money maker!

Each # slot at the bottom can be used as point systems or prize slots.  Guest pays (example), $3.00 for 5 pucks.  When their puck lands in their slot, they either earn point amount (most points win) or they can earn the prize.  This plinko is a great size for adults to stand behind and can have a stool for children that may be under 4′.

6' Jail Cell

$30/day (costumes, ball/chain extra)

This folds up great for travel and can go anywhere there is a corner wall.  Fits up to 8 people comfortably and is a great money maker!
Example: Charge a min. of $1 per min. per guest to stay in the cell.  Most will pay $2-$5 for 2-5 min. Some will pay up to $20 for 20 min.!  Can offer guest to pay twice the amount to get themselves out.  This game goes all night long!  Can also double price but 1/2 the time for Bride and Groom to participate.
We also offer male and female prisoner costumes.  (O/S fits most) and authentic ball/chain!



Very fun game for all ages!  Great for stag and does, retirement, reunions, fundraisers, camping.  Play as doubles or singles.  Comes with 2 boards.  Each inning, toss 8 bags (4 each), aiming for platform hole to earn 3 points.  1 point for landing on platform.  If bag touches ground at ANY time, 0 points earned.  20 seconds to play each bag.  First to earn 21 points wins!

Washer Toss


Fun for all ages at any event, indoor/outdoor all year long. 

good washer game
Train Bean Bag Toss
good train toss


Fun for all ages at any event, indoor/outdoor all year long.

Ring Toss


Fun for all ages at any event, indoor/outdoor all year long.  9 rings, 3 different colours.

Sack Race Bags


Family reunion favourite!  Great for school/church events, birthday parties etc.  Comes with 20 bags (more if needed).


Fog Machine (Filled)


Machine rental comes filled with solution.  Extra solution available.

Large Ice Trough


2′ W x 46″ L x 23″ D

A must have at any outdoor party/event!  An easy, care free way to store refreshments that stay cold even when outdoors on a sunny day!  Store gifts or prizes in here instead!


Cash Box With 6 Aprons

$10/day (each set)

Aprons have 3 pockets for tickets or change and go around the waist.


We have various different types of tickets available. Some examples are:

  • Raffle Tickets
  • Beer Tickets
  • 50/50 Tickets